How to Improve Your Poker Game

So you have finally made it! You have played hundreds of hours of poker, driven across the country to and from the various casinos, filled with sights and sounds and people hoping to win that life changing pot at the final card table. After seeing countless players win and taking part in countless tournaments you now find yourself sitting at the top of your poker game ready to take on another new player and take home the big pot!

At this point you are feeling relaxed and confident that you can take on the other players. You can’t wait to get out there and play some poker. There is one problem, the casino is way ahead of you. You want to play poker but you do not know where to start.Where do you start?

Where To Find The Best Poker Strategy Guide

After using the best poker strategy guide you will soon be on your way to pro play. There are many different players at the tables on any given night and if you do not know what is going on you will be completely lost. So if you can rely on a reliable guide to poker then you will be all set. Below I have listed a few of the main places to find the best poker strategy guide.

Poker Review Sites

Poker Review sites are dedicated to revealing all of the best poker strategy guides. Such sites provide you with reviews on tournaments, Sit N Go’s, bankroll management, and many other key points that will help you improve your game. I generally prefer running geared tournaments rather than cash games, however any type of tourneys will have value.

Poker Blogs

These blogs reveal many different types of poker strategy. Most professional players recommend a tight game, however the blogs are forthcoming with many different opinions on how to approach each stage of a tournament. Further the blogs consider various angles such as your stack size, the opponents, Sealander, etc.

You really should start with some of the blogs listed above. Reading and memorizing the content will improve your game quite dramatically.

Here is one of the most recent blogs.

“This month famed pro Phil Ivey Steel last week urged patience as he prepared for a hotly anticipated US Open Tiger Woods versus Brit Michael Owen atmasters tournament. ‘The Tiger manifir is definitely the one everyone wants to see,’ Phil said. “It’s one of the best tournaments on tour. You’ve got to get your head out of the clouds and onto the golf course. You know you’re going to have to make some big picks. I was at a tournament a couple years ago with a very good friend where I went 4-3 in the tourney. That was great. But that’s a rare week, that’s a rare weekend, so you’ve got to be in the ball.”

Skill Building

Newcomers to the MPO777 often discuss skill building. Often it is best to listen to others discuss hands that they either won or lost. Avoid hand history banter and learn how to quickly and accurately judge a hand. It’s one thing to call a flop with an Ace on a hunt, but if someone is constantly raising you need to make a decision.


Whether you’re just sitting in a regular poker game or consider going pro, poker is a game of skill. If you’re an experienced player, poker is a game of skill and winning money is a great way to build that skill. However, skill building is more effectively achieved by following the advice in this article, and the sooner you adopt these 3 habits, the sooner you’ll be heads-up playing for big money in the future.